Meishu Maru Shipwreck

The Meishu Maru, a Japanese ship which was carrying 240 tons of tuna, ran aground on 16 November 1982. All 17 crew members managed to swim safely to shore.

HME 0272

Cape Agulhas - southernmost tip of Africa

Cape Agulhas - arriving at the southernmost tip of Africa and the official meeting-point of the Atlantic & Indian Oceans. This is where us four friends will gather on the morning of the 1. September to embark on a trip through the African continent all the way to Cairo in Egypt. The second section of the route I shall do solo heading north to Nordkapp in Norway, the northernmost point of Europe to which one can ride a motorbike and then continuing to Iceland. The rest of the " Kortpad Noord "  team consisting of Edrique Botha, Charl Meyer & Bruce Myburgh will be arriving on Sunday for the final arrangements before we all head north meeting our fifth member, Beaufort Raath, in Ellisras (Lephalale).

Certainly very special arriving here today with the full moon rising in the east, the sun setting in the west with a total riding time of 23h45min on my brand new motorbike after it's first service this morning in the town of George.

HME 0178

Swellendam canola fields

Swellendam - canola fields looking superb! Wheat, canola, oats, sheep and dairy farming is practised in the area.

HME 0113

Montagu Pass - George

On my way across the Outeniqua Mountains along the Montagu Pass to have my motorbike serviced for it's first 1500km service at Lynn Shroeder BMW in George. 

HME 0104


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